Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snack Successfully

It is so tough to get started with a healthy diet when your kitchen is packed full of junk food.  It is hard in the beginning to resist the urge to grab a few potato chips everytime you walk by the bag or grab a hot pocket instead of making a healthy sandwich.  If this sounds like your kitchen, its time for a clean-out.  Here are some tips to making your kitchen more health conscious:

1. Throw out the crap.  You don't need it, you won't miss it, and you need space for better choices.

2.  Time to clean the refrigerator.  You know, one of those deep cleans:  throw out all the fuzzy leftovers lurking in the shadows, scrub the hardened ketchup off the shelf, and throw away the shriveled up lettuce that you think you can save.  Its time to start with a clean slate.

3.  Empty out a cupboard and designate it as your snack cabinet.
4.  Fill the cupboard with healthy snack options.... canned tuna, low sodium nuts like pistashios or almonds, healthy protein bars, healthy popcorn, etc.  I did weight watchers so I would write the points value on the package with a sharpie so I could open the cupboard and pick something without having to look it up. 

5.  Get some fruit & veggies to snack on.  I like to wash everything when I get it and cut it up so all I have to do is open the fridge and grab it when I need it.  Carrot sticks, strawberries, apples, jicama, pineapple, etc.

6. Identify your weaknesses and don't buy them.  It is ok to have a square of chocolate, and for some people it may work to satisfy their sweet tooth. However, if eating one makes you want to eat 12 it is not a good choice for you. Everyone is different.  You need to identify what works for you and set up your kitchen to accomodate what works.

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